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Network Loadable Objects (NLOs) are available in Oracle PowerBrowser. NLOs are programs or program modules that run on the same machine as the Web browser client. This allows NLOs to access the user interface and network access facilities of the Web browser. An NLO is similar to a CGI facility which runs programs on the machine running the Web server. The two major advantages of using an NLO instead of a CGI facility are:

- Direct access to the user and client user interface

- Ability to run long-term tasks that must keep some kind of internal state across network accesses.

NLOs are designed to change Web objects from being stateless and passive to dynamic and active. NLOs are similar to Visual Basic controls in that they are third-party pieces of programming which can be plugged into PowerBrowser to implement new functionality. Since there are lot of exmples of NLOs like Message Tickers/Games/Scrolling texts/AVI players and other easy to use as a command for HTML pages,these can not be loaded here being limited to space we are ready to give you them absolutely free from Department of Computer Science.