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CS-615 Software Engineering

Course CS 615

Instructor: Dr. S M Aquil Burney

Purpose of Course

To provide an overview of techniques and methodologies for applied software engineering.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

Course notes and course books:

Course notes will be on the World-Wide Web at

You are advised to use Netscape to view these documents.

There will be no compulsory text book, but the following are highly recommended:

Course structure

In order to cover the basic issues and techniques, and to understand future directions there will be two main parts to the course:

1. Techniques in software engineering: covers some of the techniques currently in use in organizations;

2. Large group project: involves the carrying through of a project from specification through implementation and testing, and also the evaluation of another group's project.


This is in two parts. All two parts must be passed to achieve a pass in the course. Part A is theory, worth a total of 60%. Part B project, worth a total of 40%.

1. Quizes

This will be 1 hour in class time . It will cover any topic given by teacher of the course.

2. Final examination

This will be 3 hours in end of semister. It will cover material from week 1 to last week of the course.

3. Project

You will be assigned to a group of about 10-12 students. Each group will prepare an informal requirements document for the project (subject to be provided) and be responsible for its evaluation and criticism as it progresses.

On Line Study Material

Software Engineering Life Cycle