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Research Information

Active research areas in computer science at Karachi Universitiy Department of Computer Science are

Software Engineering

Includes object-oriented software development, SE environments, and CASE systems.

Planning, Agent Modelling, and Robotics

A broad range of AI research in reasoning and autonomous systems. The research includes the development of formal bases for reasoning and planning, aquisition of symbolic representations, goal generation and management, autonomous communication, adaptive control, robotics and vision.

Artifical Intelligent Systems

A research in neural networks, evolutionary techniques, fuzzy logic and hybrid systems with `traditional' symbolic AI. The emphasis is on research in collaboration with business and industry, through real-world problem solving.


Includes database design, object-oriented databases, multidatabases, and persistent programming languages. Educational applications of computing: includes the development of instructional software, multimedia and computer support for the writing process.

Human-computer interaction

includes formal specification of interactive systems.


Includes local area networks and data compression.

Integrated Graphics, Modeling, Design

Research on computer graphics, geometric and physically based modeling, and improving the overall design process from initial, conceptual design.